Progressive Rehabilitation Associates offers a unique model. We provide the most experienced and comprehensive rehabilitation program available in the Pacific Northwest for survivors of acquired brain injury and persistent pain. Our evidenced based hands-on approach combines medical guidance, multidisciplinary therapy and behavioral education to help individuals maximize their improvements in the shortest time possible.

It turned out that sharing with people who shared the same issues as I did was one of the best things that happened during my time at PRA. When you are so near to your own physical and mental problems it’s hard for you to see that you are making any progress at all, but the community there helped my see my progress more clearly.
— Former PRA Client


At PRA you have access to physicians, psychologist, counselors, and speech, physical and occupational therapists, acupuncturists and yoga instructors. At PRA we believe that behind every injury is individual who deserves to live a fulfilling life and make a meaningful contribution to society. Our method was developed to help individuals transition back into life and develop the skills and habits that keep them healthy and happy. We teach self-reliance and symptom management, connect people with others on a similar life journey and explore how to create purpose in life.

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