Our Mission

Creating more successful care scenarios by providing resources, treatment, accommodations, equipment and education.

  • Fund treatment accommodations and equipment to serve the unique needs of individuals in our community.
  • Provide financial support for equipment and supplies to facilitate their achievement of therapeutic goals.
  • Establish an endowment to support the ongoing education of rehabilitation staff in order to provide current, evidence based treatment approaches.

meet the founder


The Getting Back and Giving Back Foundation (GB²) all began because of the courageous journey of Elizabeth Johnson.  Liz and her husband Chris, successful business owners, lived a busy life filled with fun and love with their three children.  It all changed one afternoon. As Chris and Liz sat in their living room she tried to stand up.  Chris noted she was slurring her words as she fell to the floor; he immediately recognized the signs of her stroke.  Despite years of fitness, a clot in her brain threatened Liz’s life.  Doctors removed part of her skull to stop the damage from spreading, but it was already significant.  She lost the use of most of her left side. 

For months after the stroke, she descended into a darkness as she and Chris searched for the right therapists who would heal her mind and body.  The determined Liz eventually found hope at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates.  This is where she learned what her body COULD do.  With the help of an interdisciplinary team of rehab specialists, she was empowered to get her life back.  And along his journey, as she met so many others walking the same path, she was determined to give back through raising awareness and funding aide in PRA’s mission of providing specialized treatment accommodations, equipment and education.

I’ve been all over Portland in therapy. And it all fell short compared—and then you come here—and I don’t know why people aren’t screaming from the rooftops – about PRA—I’m gonna scream from the rooftops—about PRA!  That’s what this is about.
— Liz Johnson
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