There is a rising expectation among the public that they and their families deserve and will receive health services of the highest quality. Many healthcare organizations are having to turn to philanthropy to meet these demands due to an increase in financial burden placed by uncompensated costs and decreasing reimbursement rates by all payers.


GB2 is a community dedicated to creating more successful care scenarios by providing resources, treatment, accommodations, equipment and education. Whether you are in need of assistance or are in a position to give back you are a vital part of our mission.

I am no longer just existing. I’m living again and thriving in my life. I am back to work, back to practicing yoga, I am spending time with friends, volunteering and being an active mother in my kids’ lives. I’m no longer drowning. PRA helped me back to land and I’m breathing air hopeful about my future.
— Liz Johnson, Former PRA Client


  • Funding equipment and treatment accommodations to serve the unique needs of individuals in our community living with acquired brain injury and/or persistent pain.
  • Providing specialized equipment and supplies for clients who might otherwise not have access to facilitate achievement of their therapeutic goals.
  • Establishing an endowment to support the ongoing education of rehabilitation providers in order to provide the most current evidence based treatment approaches.